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Privacy policy & Terms of use

November 2020


This website is built and operated on wix and your use of this website is therefore in acceptance of their terms of use. These additional terms and conditions mentioned here encompass your use of the Narrativ.Design™ website and the services offered through it. By accessing or using the website you agree that you have read, understood, and are bound by these Terms.

Terms Of Use



1. All information and ‘content’ contained in the website (text, image, graphics, audio, video) and their arrangement, unless otherwise stated, are the sole property of Narrativ.Design™. 

2. Narrativ.Design™ ALLOWS the visitor to this website to read and share the content on their personal social platform ONLY in its original intended form and arrangement, in its entirety, as published on this website, and specifically by providing a link and reference to this website.


3. Narrativ.Design™ DOES NOT ALLOW the visitor to this website to publish, distribute, circulate, quote all or part of the content displayed and/or published in this website ‘in part/s’ and/or in a manner which could be deemed hurtful to the expressed and/or implied intent and/or the reputation of Narrativ.Design™, its legal owners, the “author/s” and the “collaborator/s”.


4. WRITTEN APPROVAL from the Legal Representative/s of Narrativ.Design™ is REQUIRED by the visitor/s to use the “content” displayed and/or published on this website for COMMERCIAL use. 


5. All Trademarks and Copyrights on this website declared expressly or otherwise are the property of their respective owners.


6. Links provided on this website to THIRD PARTY website/s and/or “content” referred to by the “author/s” and/or “collaborator/s” are not controlled or endorsed by Narrativ.Design™ explicitly. Any usage of the “content” available under such links is subject to the visitor’s own discretion and risk.

7. Narrative.Design™ and/or the “author/s” and/or “collaborator/s” reserve the right to change any and/or all the “content” published on this website WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE AND/OR LIABILITY.   


Privacy Policy


1. Narrativ.Design™ policies are guided by the Laws and Regulations of Vietnam. 

2. “Our”, “us”, “we” refers to Narrativ.Design legal representatives who are bound by the Service Agreements/Contracts (SA/SC) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) between Narrativ.Design™ and its “clients”, Narrativ.Design™ and its “Author/s” and/or “Collaborator/s”. 


3. THIRD PARTY refers to all suppliers engaged in a Service Agreement with Narrativ.Design™ or Narrativ.Design™’s client.


4. “Client” refers to a ‘business entity’ or an ‘individual’ who is in active engagement with Narrativ.Design for a defined and signed scope of activity and/or service under a prior signed Service Agreement and/or Contract WITHIN the period of the Service Agreement and/or Contract.  


5. “You” / “Your” refers to any ‘individual’, acting in their own capacity and/or on behalf of their company and/or employer accessing our content or interacting with ‘us’ and is not limited to our website content and/or our social media pages, face-to-face interactions, email, phone, app. exchanges, remote video interactions, or over any other platform available for interaction between two persons and/or legal entities. 


6. “Personal Information” is the information which ‘you’ have provided to ‘us’, voluntarily, by interacting with ‘us’ and this information is not limited to interactions on our website, social media pages, phone, email, over interactive video sessions or any other prevalent means available for interaction between two persons and/or legal entities WITHIN the scope of Narrativ.Design products and services and under a valid Service Agreement/Contract.  


7. By your consent, ‘We’ obtain ‘your’ name, ‘your’ email address, ‘your’ personal public profile URL, ‘your’ company URL, ‘your’ mobile number, the information on critical business issues requiring Narrativ.Design™ consultation and the related data voluntarily shared by ‘you’ with ‘us’, ‘your’ feedbacks and responses over ‘our’ interaction/s with ‘you’, ‘your’ payment information and records, logs of ‘your’ website visits obtained via Google Analytics deployed on ‘our’ website operated by wix, ‘your’ comments posted by ‘you’ on ‘our’ website and social media pages/posts, responses to ‘our’ surveys posted on the website or emailed to ‘you’ for ‘your’ participation. 


8. ‘We’ ensure the confidentiality of your personal information shared with ‘us’ by taking all acceptable and available legal measures under the jurisdiction and laws of Vietnam.    


9. We use the ‘Personal Information’ we collect about ‘you’ to provide, and make ‘our’  services better and safer.


10. ‘Clients’ are advised to sign an NDA with ‘us’ prior to sharing any sensitive information pertaining to themselves or their business over ‘our’ interactions. Narrativ.Design™ cannot not be held accountable for any damage or liability arising due to the interaction/s with ‘us’ in the absence of a valid NDA/Service Agreement/Service Contract between Narrativ.Design™ and the ‘client’.